Hints, tips, tricks & FAQ

This page is all about making your life easier by giving you some simple hints and pointers that will make your wedding planning much, much easier.

Keeping a few things in mind will make your life a hell of a lot easier, so read on to get the most out of your wedding day.

Picking your time of year

You know it & I know it.  Townsville summers can be pretty brutal.  Now this isn't a problem if you're soaking up a sea breeze with a cold beer or wine on Maggie or The Strand, but suiting up and standing on display in front of your nearest and dearest might not be the smartest thing you can do with your summer weekends.

In my humble opinion, Townsville is suited perfectly to late autumn, winter and early spring weddings - anything from April/May through to September/October.  Daytime max temps are in the mid 20's, evenings are still balmy, the weather is usually INCREDIBLE with great daylight hours.

These daylight hours are important in giving you the flexibility to plan a great schedule for the day.  You can still hold your ceremony at time that suits you, and manage to hold your portrait shoot right in golden hour.

Given the emphasis and importance you will place on your wedding day in the years to come, to not take these little factors into account might be a bit of a mistake!

How long do you really need?

How long is a piece of string!?  It all depends what you want.  

You should cosider the following:

How muc